Kids: 2 to 10 years old

Alquezar - Barranco de Chimiachas

Lasting: 6hours

Difficulty: -

Kilometres: -km.

This route begins in Alquezar. It is very foot-pathy and goes through and over ravines. Here we will find spectacular views of Sierra de Guara and The Vero river Canyon up to the Chimiachas Abyss within the gulley itself.

Leaving Alquézar towards The Barranco de Chimiachas we reach the Basacol ponds. These supplied water to the people of Alquezar until just a few years ago. The water was used for people and animals, as well as for irrigation.

The ponds are the first leg of our walk, and we recommend a short rest here before continuing. The surroundings are quite peculiar: Two ponds; one high, one low. They are surrounded by low bush, rosemary, sage, etc… Also worth mentioning is the ësconjuradero¨ or ¨de-speller.¨ A simple stone structure whose arches are oriented toward the cardinal points. At these magical places the people used to ¨de-spell¨ hail storms (thought the work of witches) through ritual and prayer.

Back on the trail toward The Abrigos de Quizans, we leave the pools behind and follow the way to the ridge with views of The Vero River and The Clusas wall face. Follow the dirt road for a bit until we see the off-path to the right that leads to Quizans.

On the way we will note small stone dwellings inspired by old shepherd shacks typical of The Guara Sierra. They can be used as landmarks to guide us or as shelter in case of bad weather as they are in perfect condition.

Once in Quizans we will find greatly valued cave paintings. Re-take the path upward until we reach The Tozal de los Tiestos, it is all downhill from here. Soon we get to the Pine forest which is the gateway to the Chimiachas Gulley. The shade it offers is welcome after being in the sun for so long. As the gulley narrows we reach a fork which either goes straight or to the right and up. The latter takes us to a huge boulder which gives us access to the Chimiachas cave-dwelling and its famous paintings.

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