Kids: 2 to 10 years old

Llanos de La Larri (Parque Nacional de Ordesa-Bielsa)

Lasting: 5hours

Difficulty: -

Kilometres: -km.

The stroll begins at the parking lot as we look for the easily found landmarks to La Larri. Soon we will see where we are headed as the falls come into view in the distance.

We follow the route through the beech tree forest where cows and other animals pasture. The trail is a bit tricky as we hike over various bridges until we reach the one that crosses the Cinca River. Here we will see the sign that leads to the uphill trail.

It is uphill and at times quite steep. Along the way we will visit several waterfalls where swimming is banned. The views are impressive. Alter a steep uphill we reach the log-wood steps and the last cascade (or first). Next to the waterfall is a drinking fountain and the beginning of the trek back.

In a big clearing we come across a mountain refuge. At the end of the valley we spot another huge fall and we head towards it.

We almost reach the foot of the fall. The landscape is incredible: the surrounding mountains, the river at our feet, and the snow-capped grey rock mountains On the way back, when we reach the falls mentioned earlier, we will take the paved path to lighten the walk. After passing through the forest and past a few falls we easily reach the parking lot. The walk back is very easy, pretty and relaxing.

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