Kids: 2 to 10 years old

Cañón Añisclo + Ripareta

Lasting: 4hours

Difficulty: -

Kilometres: -km.

The Añisclo canyon or Bellos River is located in the Huesca Pyrenee just south of Monte Perdido. It unfolds directly south as the crow flies from the Añisclo Circle to the very foot of Monte Perdido.

The Añisclo Canyon is part of Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park, along with the Monte Perdido Massif, Ordesa Valley, Gargantas de Ecuain and the tip of the Pineta Valley.

Closed off to the north by the Añisclo Hill, between Monte Perdido and the Sucal Sierra it is a 2500 meter pass to the Pineta Valley. To the west, the Custodia Sierra and the Mondicieto separate it from the Ordesa Valley. Just over the ridge to the east are the Gargantes de Ecuain.

An amazing valley with a glacial circle at its head that becomes a deep gourge formed by the anhydrite action of the water on the limestone rock forming slides and cascades. Most notable is La Fuen Blanca which is a waterfall born out of a sheer rock face from the Soum de Ramond (Añisclo summit) that falls into the valley. Where the altitude and terrain permit we find lush vegetation in the near permanent humid shade of the deep canyon like The Selva Plana.

Around the San Úrbez hermitage, the Cañón del Bellós becomes even more gauntlet-like and veers NW towards Escalona.

The route suggested leaves the San Úrbez parking which signals the end of the Cambras gourge and the beginning of the Añisclo Canyon. We will go over the Bellos River Bridge to begin our hike. Go north along the country road leaving the San Urbez hermitage to the right. Built into the rock it is the ancient dwelling of the saint whose name it carries. Follow the trail easily to Ripareta, about two and a half hours. All along the way we will find indications to Ripareta-Fuenblanca. Its almost impossible to lose your way as there are very few side trails on the way.

Here we complete the first leg. Those who wish to continue may do so along the same trail.

The canyon widens here and we begin a new climb through the magnificent beech forest to a smooth downhill that leads to the river. Our next signal is just over the bridge. The red and white signs (GR 11) to Fon Blanca go toward Goriz. Up to here we will have walked three-and-a-half/four hours.

Thick vegetation with beech, pine, yew, and hazle-nut trees along with ferns and wild strawberries dominate the landscape: giving it a jungle look. An array of cascades are strung along the awesome canyon. This is one of the wildest areas in all the National Park. If visited in Autumn, unbelievable colours are just within our reach.

If we decide to continue the route (over-night) we can go till the end of the Añisclo canyon (about 7 hours all told).

The route back is the same.

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