Kids: 2 to 10 years old

Valle de Gistain - Ibón de la Basa de la Mora

Lasting: 5hours

Difficulty: -

Kilometres: -km.

From Hotel Peña Montañesa to the North following the highway A-138 (Bielsa-France) to the Valle de Gistaín exit. Continue on to Plan where we will park our cars.

We can either walk or drive from Saravillo. We recommend walking through its pretty forests and look-out points. In any case, there comes a point where we reach a prairie. Leave the car here and continue along a stone path to the lake: it is very easy to find.

Surrounded by the hauntingly strange Roquedo del Cotiella and with a super-natural lunar look, this lake is one of the most profoundly beautiful places in the Pyrenees. Its name, la Basa de la Mora, was born out of a medieval pre-Christian legend The Lady of the Lake: It describes how a Muslim woman ends up here fleeing from the Christian-moor battles after getting lost. Her spirit remains in the lake, and those with pure souls can see her emerging from the water on the night of San Juan (Summer Solstice). The local villagers climb up on that night for their annual meeting with the Lady and purify their souls bathing in the lake at first light.

Grannies tell their grand-children: ¨If some San Juan morning you should go up to the lake and not see her, you should start thinking of cleansing your soul…Only pure eyes can see the Muslim princess of the peaks.¨

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