Kids: 2 to 10 years old

Miradores de Revilla

Lasting: 7hours

Difficulty: -

Kilometres: -km.

Miradores de Revilla Look-out: Before reaching Torla detour to Lamiana and Revilla. Just before Revilla look for signs indicating the route. It is a half-an-hour to the look-out point from where we can see a panoramic view of the gargantas de Escuaín.

Go over the Yaga river and turn left at the fork. Through the wood and over a bridge we find some spectacular views. Rocky mountain-side flanks us to the right. A sign indicating to the right will take us to the"Ermita de San Lorenzo" ruins.

Just after the first look-out at the end of the gorge we can see the Yaga river. The Castillo Major crowns the lush mountain-side. To the left the Cotiella peaks rise up majestically.

The second look-out point overlooks the joining of the Angones gulley and the Yaga river gorge. In the distance we can spot the Fuente de Escuain waterfall. The Revilla Sierra rises up over the Angones gulley.

At the final look-out point we see to our left the Cotiella peaks. The views of the canyon are wide both left and right.

With luck you should be able to spot a number of birds of prey like the Lion vulture, Bone breaker eagle, Chicken Hawk, etc…

The way back is along the same route. It is a stroll of a route.

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